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I Know A CASA Who . . .
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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are ordinary people expending extraordinary effort for the children they serve. These examples are directly from the experiences of advocates volunteering with CASA of Lancaster County. CASA is honored to be affiliated with such a great group of people.

I Know A CASA Who . . .

  • called in a court report update from a mountain top in Colorado.
  • rescheduled an international flight to testify in court. 
  • wrote a letter to the editor about the importance of CASA.
  • spent 5 years on a single case.
  • used personal equipment to clean the office carpet.
  • drove 90 minutes through a blinding rainstorm to keep a commitment to the child.
  • attended 25 hearings and continuances for a single case.
  • drove a four hour round trip every month to visit the children.
  • delayed holiday travel to appear in court for the child.
  • represents four children to the judges and professionals involved in the case.
  • donated and delivered furniture to the CASA office.
  • helped reunite the child with dad and traveled out of state to visit.
  • called into a hearing while out of the country on business.
  • used vacation time to visit a potential adoptive family who lived out of state.
  • has never missed a court date.
  • re-scheduled personal appointments in order to attend hearings.
  • identified and facilitated a kinship placement for the child.
  • refuses to give up on an unreceptive teen about to age out of foster care.
  • upon discovering the impact of a new state law on the case, read the statue, and provided copies to other case professionals.
  • flew home from vacation a few days early to be in court with the child.
  • attends every doctor appointment with a medically fragile child.
  • drives 100 miles every week to visit the child.
  • successfully advocated for permanent placement for a youth just a few months before he aged out of the system.

If you know a CASA, thank them for their service. Let us know if you are interested in becoming involved with CASA by attending a Community Awareness Session on Engagement (C.A.S.E.) for CASA

“There are so very many children who are caught in the foster care system through no fault of their own.  They need to know they have a voice in their future, especially at a time when their world has turned completely upside down.” ~ CASA of Lancaster County Volunteer

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